The Merlexi Craft MRI Molded synthetic mobility aid is built to be safe in the magnetic fields surrounding magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment. The Merlexi Craft MRI is uniquely styled and clearly markd to avoid confusion with non-MRI safe chairs.


Assembled form durable lightweight plastic and stainless steel components, the Merlexi Craft MRI minimizes the ferromagnetic materials in the MRI room. Merlexi Craft is approved as MRI Conditional at 3 Tesla form Dr. Frank/ Magnetic Resonance Safety Testing Services (MRSTS).*

Price: $1279

Merlexi Craft MRI Features:


  • Non Magnetic synthetic plastics and stainless steel components

  • Tested at the University of Pittsburgh for long term durability equal to over 30 years of use.

  • Ergonomically designed full control push handles

  • Removable, two-position armrests standard

  • Optional air-supported back

  • FormFold solid, contoured seat

  • Flip-up, adjustable footrests linked for added support and stability

  • Folds to 13.5” wide with wheels

  • Color options include red, blue, yellow, green, black


Merlexi Craft MRI Specifications:


Weight: 33 pounds, without footrests

User Weight Limit: 250 Pounds

Materials: Glass reinforced structural components, 18-8 stainless steel hinge pins, bolts and nuts, aluminum brakes, caster forks and mild steel bearings

Folded Width: 13.5”

Seat Width: 16-18”

Seat Length: 17-18”

Seat Back: Flexible slat, air-supported optional

Real Wheel: 24” mag solid polyurethane tire with 5/8” bearing, fore-aft/up-down adjustable

Caster Size: 8” or 5” solid urethane tire

Footrests: Flip-up, interlocking, bolt-attached

Armrests: Full support, removable, fore-aft adjustable

Color Options: Red, blue, yellow, green, black



Warranty: Merlexi Craft warrants the chair body, including all molded body parts made by the Company and the connecting hinges, against defects in material and workmanship, including labor, for five years from date of purchase by the original purchaser. We warrant rear and caster wheels, axles and forks for five years from date of purchase by the original purchaser. See warranty information for limitations.





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